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Auras designate the power of a player. The bigger or more radiant the aura the more powerful you are. The aura itself is purely aesthetic, and grants no in-game advantage whatsoever.

The aura is divided into two parts, the aura of the Body, and the aura of the Fist. So only training Body Toughness and Fist Strength can "upgrade" your aura.

Note: Once you have acquired the next aura level, you will not keep that aura, and will simply move on to the next one ahead.

Fist Strength (FS) Auras

Tier Requirements Appearance
Train Fist Strength - Required: 1000 Light Pinkish Glow
2 Train Fist Strength - Required: 1M Red Glow
3 Train Fist Strength - Required: 2.5M Orange Glow
4 Train Fist Strength - Required: 10M Blue Flame with Pink Outer Layer
5 Train Fist Strength - Required: 100M Orange Flame
6 Train Fist Strength - Required: 10B-100B Cyan Center with Red Outer Layer
7 Train Fist Strength - Required: 1T Red Center with Indigo Outer Layer
8 Train Fist Strength - Required: 1Qa Bright Green Glow

Body Toughness (BT) Auras

Tier Requirements Appearance
Train Body Toughness - Required: 100K White
2 Train Body Toughness - Required: 1M Yellow
3 Train Body Toughness - Required: 10M Red

(Blue Lightning)

Note: From this point all auras have lightning.

4 Train Body Toughness - Required: 100M Crimson Red

(Blue Lightning, flashes quicker)

5 Train Body Toughness - Required: 10B Pink

[Grows stronger as you obtain more BT until 100B]

(Cyan Lightning)

6 Train Body Toughness - Required: 1T Purple 

(Red lightning)

7 Train Body Toughness - Required: 1Qa Blue

(Purple lightning)


  • When you turn invisible and reveal your aura people can see your aura.
    • This can cause some confusion, to the point where some players believe that they have a certain aura, after seeing something glows beside them.
  • Contrary to common belief there are no Psychic Power, Movement Speed, or Jump Force Auras.
  • All the fist auras after the 10M aura have white particles emitting from it.
  • A cool fact on how to double your aura is to immediately press X after you load in, but quickly, before you even see your avatar.

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