The Bloxy Award was an item that Ruiz added into the game. Although it doesn’t do anything, it still looks cool. It is located in your hotbar and given the moment you join the game. Ruiz added this into the game in celebration of winning the Best Tutorial Bloxy Award.


  • You can drop the Bloxy Award Trophy if you select it and press the Backspace key.
    • The Bloxy Award Trophy stays where it was dropped even when you respawn/leave the server as long as the server doesn't shut down/restart. Other players can pick it up though.
  • When you are invisible, the Bloxy Award Trophy will still be visible.


If you hand 2 trophies back and forth with another player (Basically dropping the trophy and picking the other player's trophy up) and wait until both trophies disappear, it will look as if you're holding one but not. After that, walk into the other player and both of your bodies will be stuck together. Link on how to do it: (YouTube Video by CuriousQuantum/xQuaantum, one of our Contributors)


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