The Blue God Star, also known as the Blue Dwarf Star, is the first and the weakest Star in the sky. This is the first Fist Training Area which can be found in the sky at a similar altitude to the Floating Temple, in the corner of the map.

It gives 2,000x the Fist Strength of a normal punch, and need to have a minimum of 1B Fist Strength. It isn't possible to grind it before this requirement as you will lose a lot of health by hitting it, without gaining anything.

This star is particularly difficult to see during the day, being at the edge of clouds and the same color as the sky.

It emits a slight blue glow at night and has a very light ring that revolves around it, which can barely be seen if you are too far away from it

To calculate how much Fist Strength you train in a set amount of time multiply your FS multiplier by 2,000. Proceed to multiply your product with the amount of seconds you are going to train for. See Stat Calculator for additional help.


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