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Your Body Toughness (BT,) is the statistic that increases your maximum health and determines your damage resistance. The higher your Body Toughness, the less health you will lose when being attacked by Fist Strength. Players with x10 higher Fist strength than you will instantly kill you. Body Toughness only defends against attacks that use fist strength.

It is important to know that the ability to reflect damage is determined by this statistic. If your BT is x10 greater than your opponent's Fist Strength, you will return 100% of the damage. If your BT is not x10 greater then your opponent's Fist Strength but it still greater, you will return only 10% of the damage and receive the other 90%.

Also, take note that Body Toughness will not reflect or reduce damage from Psychic Power attacks such as Soul Attack. Only increasing Psychic Power will be able to reduce damage taken by such attacks.

If you hear somebody talking about BT, it's an acronym for Body Toughness.

When training in Body training areas, note that you need at least about 3.5-3.8x the requirement of the area to afk in there

Training Areas

Locations where you can increase these stats faster:

Note: When training you will get BT in intervals of 1.25s

  • Secret Training Port (City Port)
    • Ice Bath - Need 100 BT (x5 | Afk Farm: 380BT | Min Amount: 5 BT)
      • Ice Bath
      • Fire Bath
      • Iceberg Bath
      • Tornado
      • Volcano
      • DST - Hell Fire Pit
      • DST Green Acid Pool
      • DST Red Acid Pool
    • Fire Bath - Need 10k BT (x10 | Afk Farm: 38K BT | Min Amount 500 BT)
  • Iceberg - Need 100k BT (x20 | Afk Farm: 380K BT | Min Amount 5K BT)
  • Tornado - Need 1M BT (x50 | Afk Farm: 3.8M BT | Min Amount: 50K BT)
  • Volcano - Need 10M BT (x100 | Afk Farm: 38M BT | Min Amount: 500K BT)
  • Body Toughness Training Areas (DST) - Need:
    • Hell Fire Pit - Required Amount 1B BT (x2k | Afk Farm: 3.8B BT | Min Amount: 50M BT)
    • Green Acid Pool - Required Amount 100B (x40k | Afk Farm: 360B BT | Min Amount: 5B BT)
    • Red Acid Pool - Required Amount 10T (x800k | Afk Farm: 38T BT | Min Amount: 500B Bt)



  • A good tip for training BT in the later areas is simply to keep dying and respawning repeatedly in an area in which you can survive at least one hit before dying, sometimes called suicide farming. It is still recommended you only take this option when you can survive at least 10 ticks in the area you're training in for this method to be more effective. In most cases, this is faster than training in an area in which you will not die. This is not a good strategy if you need to stay alive for a certain amount of time for a Rank. You can also try rejoining the server instead of dying and respawning resulting in you losing your alive time and reputation.

Extra Statistics - RAW

Is it possible to estimate how long it will take for you to get to the next training location? Absolutely! Since this Data has been gathered, it's easier than ever! Simply multiply the numbers you see, by your current Body Toughness Multiplier.

Example: If I'm training in the Iceberg, and I have a Body Toughness multiplier of 8x, then I can expect to get 456,250xp every hour that I survive in the training area.

Equation: 57,031.25 x 8 = 456,250

Where is my Multiplier

(Push-ups:) 3,330.0 per hour

(The Ice Bath:) 14,257.8125 per hour

(The Fire Bath:) 28,515.625 per hour

(The Iceberg:) 57,031.25 per hour

(The Tornado:) 142,578.125 per hour

(The Volcano:) 285,156.25 per hour

(The Hell Pit:) 5,703,125.0 per hour

(The Green Acid Pool:) 114,062,500.0 per hour

(The Red Acid Pool:) 2,304,000,000.0 per hour

If you have a different multiplier, simply divide or multiply until it's accurate.

Remember, it is not recommended to use a training area until you can take damage at least 10x times in that area. To estimate when that should be, simply take the "Min Amount" listed above in the 'Training Areas' section and multiply it by 10.

Example: The Hell Pit's minimum requirement is 1B BT, this would suggest that at 3.8B BT you could survive 10 hits.

Interesting Fact: When levelling body toughness, training areas will damage you approximately 2,851.5625 times in one hour. However, the amount of push-ups you can do in one hour is only 3,330.


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