Fist Strength is the stat that determines your damage when using physical/energy attacks.

This statistic is increased by using the first skill in your hotbar, which throws a punch on click. Do not confuse this with the punch attack, which inflicts damage to players but does not train your Fist Strength.

Fist Strength affects the following skills: Punch, Energy Sphere Punch, and Bullet Punch.

Increasing your fist strength will unlock new tiers for the skills Energy Sphere Punch and Bullet Punch, increasing their size or length and width respectively, as well as growing the aura around your arms.

Players often use "FS" as an acronym for fist strength.

Note: All Fist Strength Areas are from the 1.7 update, these may change as of 1.8.

*Fist Strength Training Areas*

  • The Rock
  • The Crystal
  • Blue God Star
  • Green God Star
  • Red God Star

You can increase your Fist Strength faster by punching any one of the following:

  • The Rock - (x10) Located next to the Safe Zone.
  • The Crystal - Requires the Ability to Fly: (x100) Located above the Tornado on the cloud.
  • Blue God Star - Requires 1B Fist Strength: (x2,000) Located in the Sky, at a similar altitude to the Floating Zen Temple.
  • Green God Star - Requires 100B Fist Strength: (x40,000) Located in the Sky, approximately above the Ice Berg.
  • Red God Star - Requires 10T Fist Strength: (x800,000) Located in the Sky very far above the center of the map.

Note: When training you get Fist Strength in intervals of 1s.


Please Note: Not all Autoclicking applications have this issue. This bug, which is easily noticeable when training Fist Strength is that if you click on the very first frame possible after your cool-down is finished, your Fist Strength will not be trained, even though the game displays the splash text claiming your Fist Strength has gone up. (If you find you are having this issue with your AutoClicker and you want to fix this, set your AutoClicker just above 1 second.)

Some AutoClick applications may not be as accurate as AutoHotKey, and may produce better results with 1.02 seconds per click, because of lag variations in the application's script.

AutoHotKey Users please note: If you are using the Fist Training Script provided on the AutoHotKeys page, The optimal click speed is 200 Milliseconds per click.

(Extra Statistics - RAW)

So, you've been punching for hours... How long is this going to take before you can start punching that next luminescent God Star?

Here we have a list of collected Data that will help you find just how long it’s going to take. First however, we have to determine a few things.

First, Are you Manually Clicking or AutoClicking?

AutoClicking: Please proceed to the 'AutoClickers Guide' Below.

Manual Clicking: Please proceed to the 'Manual Clickers Guide' below.


(AutoClicker's Guide:)

If you are using an AutoClicker, this should be rather easy to figure out as most AutoClicking apps allow you to set how frequently you want to click.

In this particular example we used AutoHotKey at one click every 200 milliseconds to get the best results. Please Note: This does not mean you will be gaining XP every 200ms, it simply insures the most productive XP gaining possible while using an AutoClicker such as the one found on the AutoHotKey page.

If possible, we recommend setting your AutoClicker at 200ms per click (about 5 clicks per second) if you are unable to do so, it is recommend that you follow the directions given in the 'Manual Clicker's Guide' above.

Now presuming you are clicking at the Optimal speed of 200ms, it's as simple as multiplying the numbers you see below, by your Fist Strength Multiplier.

Example: If you're punching the Blue God Star at a click/200ms, and you have a Fist Strength multiplier of 64x, then you would use this to figure out how much fist strength you'd get:
Super Hero Simulator Wiki - Multiplier guide 03-0

Equation: 7,200,000.0 x 64 = 451,764,704 per hour

Punching Air: 3,529.4 per hour

Punching The Rock: 35,294.1 per hour

Punching the Crystal: 352,941.2 per hour

Punching the Blue God Star: 7,058,823.5 per hour

Punching the Green God Star: 141,176,470.6 per hour

Punching the Red God Star: 2,823,529,411.8 per hour

PLEASE NOTE: These results were generated using the AutoHotKey AutoClicking Script provided on the AutoHotKey page. Depending on your AutoClick Application, these numbers may not always be 100% accurate! Fist Strength, unlike other skills, relies heavily on Click Speed. This being said, Different AutoClick Applications can have imperfections caused by First-Frame Click Lag or variations in their scripts!

Unlike Body Toughness, you can't punch a Fist Strengthening object before you have reached its XP requirement. If a player tries to do so, they will take damage instead of gaining Experience.


(Manual Clicker's Guide:)

As a Manual Clicker, you must determine two more things before you can calculate how long your grind will take.

  1. You must Determine your average Clicking rate.
  2. You need to find your 'Actual XP Gain/Minute Speed'

( 'Actual XP Gain/Minute Speed' will make more sense once you see the Data Chart. )

Alright, there are two methods you can use to determine your clicking rate:

  • Method 1: Count how many times you usually click per second; you can do this easiest by setting a 10 second timer then divide how many clicks you make during the 10sec timer by 10.

Example: If I click a total of 71 times in 10 seconds, i would divide 71 by 10.

Equation: 71 / 10 = 7.1 (So I click at rate of about 7 clicks per second.)

  • Method 2: If you don't care to be exact and you just want a very rough estimate, then you can simply assume you are clicking somewhere between 1-7 times per Second. (between 140-1000ms/sec) thus clicking an average of 44.4 'Actual XP Gain/min speed')

If you decided to go with Method 2, skip to the 'Congrats, You Found your Speed' section below. Once you have determined your Clicking rate, Divide 1000ms by your Clicking Rate to get your approximate Milliseconds/Click rate.

Example: If I clicked 7 clicks a second, divide 1000 by 7

Equation: 1000 / 7 = 142.9ms per click

With your new found Millisecond/Click rate you can now proceed to the Data chart below to determine which Millisecond/Click matches closest to your own (Round to the closest one.) This will provide you with your 'Actual XP Gain/min Speed.' which you need to determine your XP gain.

Example: In the example above, we had a Millisecond/Click rate of 142.9ms, so lets use it for this example. The closest result we found to 142.9ms on the Chart was 100ms, it has an 'Actual XP Gain/min Speed' of 50.87500.

Congrats, You Found your Speed:

Once you have found your 'Actual XP Gain/min Speed' multiply it by 60, then multiply that by your Fist Strength Multiplier, then finally Multiply that by the number given below for the Fist Strength Item you are punching. when done correctly, this should give you your XP per hour.

Example: If I have a Speed of 50.87500 and have a Fist Strength Multiplier of 32x, while punching the Crystal, Then I would multiply 50.87500 with 32x and with the number given for the Crystal (100.0). This gives me my XP per minute. Now take that number and multiply it by 60 to get your XP per hour.

Equation: 50.87500 x 32 x 100 = 162,800XP per minute

Equation: 162,800 x 60 = 9,768,000XP per hour
Super Hero Simulator Wiki - Multiplier guide 03-0

Punching Air: 1.0

Punching The Rock: 10.0

Punching the Crystal: 100.0

Punching the Blue God Star: 2,000.0

Punching the Green God Star: 40,000.0

Punching the Red God Star: 800,000.0

Unlike Body Toughness, you can't punch a Fist Strengthening object before you have reached its XP requirement. If a player tries to do so, they will take Damage instead of gaining Experience.


Data Chart

See the bottom of this section for the Data Chart Key (it describes each of the charts column titles.)


Actual XP Gain/Min Speed

XP Text Shown/Minute Reliability in % Exact Reliability Value
1001ms 42.96875 * Gain 59 Shown/Min 72.8% 0.7282838983050847
1000ms 44.96875 * gain 58 Shown/min 77.5% 0.7753232758620690
800ms 36.15625 * gain 37 Shown/min 97.7% 0.9771959459459459
400ms 45.96875 * gain 46 Shown/min 99.9% 0.9993206521739130
200ms 51.78125 * gain 52 Shown/min 99.6% 0.9957932692307692
100ms 50.87500 * gain 56 Shown/min 90.8% 0.9084821428571429
1ms 50.78125 * gain 58 Shown/min 87.6% 0.8755387931034483
<1ms 44.06250 * gain 59 Shown/min 74.7% 0.7468220338983051

w/Double Clicking

45.96875 * gain 46 Shown/min 99.9% 0.9993206521739130

w/Double Clicking

37.25000 * gain 59 Shown/min 63.1% 0.6313559322033898

*Testing preformed using the AutoHotKey Application.*


  •    200 milliseconds seems to be the sweet spot with the highest yield of Xp per minute AND is Extremely Reliable.
  •    The DoubleClicking feature found in some AutoClicking programs should never be used when training Fist Strength, because it strongly impedes XP gain.
  •    Reliability alone is not a good indicator, XP gain per minute should be strongly considered.

if you have an AutoClicker, It is recommended to assign it to click every 200ms, as this has produced the most positive XP gaining results in our tests.


(Data Chart Key)

To use the Data chart Above, the following Key may come in handy:


This is the number of Milliseconds between each click. Example: 1 Second = 1000 Milliseconds, so 200ms would be 5 clicks per second.


(Actual XP Gain/Min Speed)

This is the most important variable in our chart. It determines how much XP you are actually getting per Minute. Simply take the given number and multiply it by the amount of XP the splash notification text says you are gaining.

Example: If i were gaining 6.4K XP every time I successfully punched the training Crystal, Then I would multiply 6.4K by the amount indicated under 'Actual XP Gain/Minute' to get your total XP gain per Minute.

Equation: 6,400XP x 51.78125 'Actual XP Gain/Minute' = 331,400XP per minute.


(XP Text Shown/Minute)

This is how many times per Minute the XP splash text has shown.(Note: This does not however show how frequently you actually gain XP, as you don’t always get XP when you see the Text (as explained above in the 'Bugs' Section.))

Example: If Shown/min = 52, then expect to see the splash notification 52 times each minute.


(Reliability in %)

This is the 'Exact Reliability Value' rounded to the tenth percent decimal place.


(Exact Reliability Value)

This is how often you actually receive Experience compared to how often you see the XP Splash Notification Text.

Example: If you had 44.96875 'Actual XP Gain/min' and 58 'XP Text Shown/min', you would divide your 'Actual XP Gain/min' with your 'XP Text Shown/min' to get your 'Exact Reliability Value'.

Equation: 44.96875/58 = 0.7753232758620690


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