Ghost Rider is one of the two NPCs added as of Version 1.7 for the Halloween Event. It will most likely be removed in the next update.



Ghost Rider is shown wearing a black biker jacket, with a flaming skull for a head. Behind and to the left of him is his motorcycle, a tree with a skull and crossing bones that are glowing with a crimson red colour. All of which are located on top of a small pentagram, surrounded with lighted candles.


Ghost Rider gives the player the option to buy the Ghost Rider Contract for 1,999 Robux. This unlocks the ability to turn into a Ghost Rider (You, with a flaming skull for a head) during the night, use his Ghost Bike for transportation, and use the skill Hellfire. Ghost Rider and his Ghost Rider Contract are only available during Halloween. However, after purchasing the Ghost Rider Contract, you are able to use his powers forever.


To activate Ghost Rider's Dialogue, walk up to him and click the box labeled "Click Here to Talk" that will appear on the top of your screen. Ghost Rider will explain what his abilities are, the limitations of them, and then offer you the Ghost Rider Contract for 1999 Robux to use them.

Talking to him for the first time:

1 Hey there, I'm Ghost Rider and behind me is my trusty Ghost Bike.
2 You too can shape shift like me, light people on fire and own a Ghost Bike! Would you like to make a deal?
3 You will be able to turn into a Ghost Rider. This will only be possible at Night time though!
4 Your head will turn into a blazing skull. You can also burn your enemies with Hellfire.
5 You also get a Fiery Ghost Bike to cruise around town!
6 This is a very special offer only during Halloween, so you must make a decision.
7 Don't worry! All I require from you is your soul!
8 You can keep this ability forever and all you have to do is sign this contract...

Talking to him after buying the contract.

1 We meet again! Now, I shall teach you how to activate your abilities.
2 Press "N" to use Hellfire on the target your cursor is point at. 
3 This ability is only usable on enemies with 100x less psychic power than yours.
4 You can activate and deactivate your Ghost Rider Transformation at night in the settings menu.
5 You can find your fiery Ghost Bike in your toolbar.


  • Ghost Rider is one of the only three NPC's in the entire game for now.
  • As of update 1.7, if you and a friend spam Hellfire on a player, they will not die and instead keep burning as you keep using the skill on them.

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