The Green God Star, also known as the Planetary Nebula, is the second star in the sky. It is above the Iceberg, located higher than the Blue God Star.

It gives 40,000x the Fist Strength of a normal punch, and requires a minimum of 100B Fist Strength. Like the other Fist Strength training areas, you cannot train here until you reach the requirement as you will instead take damage.

This star is rather easy to distinguish due to its color and that it is larger than the Blue God Star. It also emits an aura more consistent than the Blue God Star and it has rings that revolve around it.

To calculate how much Fist Strength you train in a set amount of time multiply your FS multiplier by 40,000. Proceed to multiply your product with the amount of seconds you are going to train for. See Stat Calculator for additional help.


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