The Grim Reaper, who also goes by the "Reaper" is one of the two event NPCs that were added in the Halloween Event update in version 1.7 (will never be removed unless he updates in 2 years



The Grim Reaper is shown wearing a black robe, with a black hood. He is also carrying a scythe that has magma like inscriptions inside the blade. He is located under the bridge.


The Grim Reaper gives you a quest, which would unlock a new skill called Soul Reap upon completion. To view the quest, check the Special Quests tab.

Completing the reaper's quest will give you the soul reap plus will award you the badge: "Completed Reaper Quest & Obtained Soul Reap"


Talking to him for the first time:

1 "Greetings human! I have been called by many names in the past."
2 "But nowadays , I'm known as the Angel of Death, but you can call me "Reaper"."
3 "As you already know, death is inevitable, even for immortal beings. No one can escape from me."
4 "Enough about me, I've heard about your greatness from wandering souls. Even the devil himself knows who you are."
5 "Have you come to learn the art of reaping souls? Your abilities are beyond human, I'm impressed."
6 "I will teach you how to Reap Souls of lesser strength if you pass a small test of mine."
7 "Your task is simple, you must train 10T Psychic Power at the Floating Ancient Zen Temple"
8 "And Train 10T Body Toughness at the Devil's Secret Training Area created by the devil himself.
9 so he could train his body when he travels to the mortal world."
10 "And train 10T Fist strength by punching the Tiny Stars by Gods to train their Fist Strengh in the Ancient Era."
11 "Once you have completed all tasks, come speak with me again."
12 "You are now one step closer to wielding the power of Death."

To complete the quest you have to have a total of 10T FS, 10T BT, 10T PP.

When quest is completed:

1 "Well done player! You have completed your training and passed my test."
2 "Now i shall fulfill my promise and teach you how to use Soul Reap!"
3 "Press "G" to Soul Reap the target your cursor is pointed at."

"The ability is only usable on enemies with 1000 times less psychic power than yours."


  • He is one of the three NPC's in the entire game
    • Furthermore, he is one of the two quest givers, the other being Sath
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