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Movement Speed is the stat that determines your running speed.

It also determines your Teleport distance. (TP Cap = MS Cap ⋅ 1.5).

Movement Speed caps out at 1,000, which is an equivalent of, 5.665M MS.

You will unlock the ability to Water Run after finishing Quest #6, which requires movement speed to complete the quest.

It is important to take note that movement speed doesn't increase your flight speed as flight speed is dependent on your jump force. You will also not receive movement speed for flying.

If you hear someone talking about "MS", it's an acronym for Movement Speed.


Similarly to jumping power, you can use weights to increase this statistic faster (unlocked in the main quest).

  • 100 LB (x2) - 100 MS Needed
  • 1 TON (x5) - 4.5K MS Needed
  • 10 TON (x10) - 565.8K MS Needed
  • 100 TON (x20) - 4.67M MS Needed



  • Similarly to jumping, running against a wall or anything else will showcase movement speed XP going up constantly, this is just a visual glitch and everything that pops up does not go towards your actual movement speed. [Patched]
  • There is a glitch in which you can gain AFK movement speed and jump power. You can do this by going any solid object and walking until your body is doing a position abnormal to when you are standing. [Patched]
  • By pressing 3 and equipping your desired weights in under 75 milliseconds, you can train with those weights without meeting the requirement. [Patched]
  • By talking to an NPC, preferably Ghost Rider, you can equip the weights you desire while talking to him, and after the dialogue you may use the weight for one Movement speed tick. [Patched]
  • By jumping at a low ceiling quickly while moving in any direction, you can glitch yourself into the ceiling and gain AFK movement speed. You can now equip any weights, without needing to meet the requirements this also works at devils pool so you can train body toughnesslink title[[Link tittle.[Unpatched]

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