Multipliers multiply the player's training rate. The multiplier is different for each specific stat, as the player chooses which multipliers they wish to upgrade with tokens. For example, if the player wants to increase their Body Toughness through push-ups with an x8 Body Toughness multiplier they will receive 8 points per second. This stacks with other multipliers as well. For example, If one has a x32 Fist Strength multiplier and they train their Fist Strength at the Crystal they would obtain 3,200 per second.

Costs and Effects

Multipliers Cost
x2 Currency100
x4 Currency200
x8 Currency500
x16 Currency1,000
x32 Currency2,000
x64 Currency5,000
x128 Currency10,000
x256 Currency15,000
x512 Currency20,000
x1024 Currency50,000
x2048 Currency100,000
x4096 Currency200,000
x8192 Currency500,000
x16384 Currency1,000,000
x32768 Currency2,000,000
x65536 Currency5,000,000
x131072 Currency10,000,000

Find your Multipliers

To find your Multipliers, while the game is open, click the yellow Menu Button at the bottom right of your Game Window.

Where is my Multiplier
*Above is an example of a Body Toughness Multiplier of x128.

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