Super Power Training Simulator (SPTS) has a multitude of different places through a humongous map. At the beginning of the game, exploration can take a long time and is very limited, due to your lack of power to do so. There are many places of training, but also secret places or what seems to be inaccessible. Exploring the map becomes much easier once some skills are unlocked, or more specifically, when flying and teleportation are unlocked. Especially for places such as the space or the cloud which has a crystal for training FS.


( Please note that this map is not 100% accurate and does not have the Devil's Secret Training area on it. You can find it in a building with a pumpkin above the front door.)

Training Areas

The training places are divided into 3 different parts, excluding MS (Movement Speed) and JF (Jump Force) which don't require training places.

The Explorable Areas

Unlike training places, there are many places on the map that are only there for exploration, or to accentuate the RP (role play) side of the game. These places are sometimes very easy to access, others are a tad more complicated to reach, or to find.


  • Even though you're supposed to 'bathe' in the places to increase your Body Toughness, you can still fly over them and still gain the Body Toughness.
  • In order to be inactive (or AFK) in the places to train body toughness, you need 4 times the amount of required Body Toughness to not take damage.
    • For example, while you require 1 million Body Toughness for the Tornado, you will not take damage in it with 4 million Body Toughness.
  • As of the 1.4 Update, many of the places were safe zones, probably due to many complaints. This was then changed in the 1.7 Update so that the only safe zone is the starter street (main spawn).
    • It should be noted that when talking to NPCs you do gain a force-field. This may seem useless for the Sathopian NPC, but any NPCs outside of spawn also gives you invincibility while reading the dialogue. (Ex: Grim Reaper).
  • It is possible to go inside the volcano (Not in the lava but actually inside the volcano), as there is a gap covered by the surrounding rocks.


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