Ranks are a distinction obtained only through very long pre-requisites. In this table are indicated all the requirements of the ranks. The main things required are to have: TP (Total Power), and to kill Heroes or Villains.

Note: Ranks grant no in-game advantage; they are purely cosmetic.

Starter Ranks /

Class Rank Requirements
F Rank1 None
E Rank2 100 Total Power
D Rank3

1K Total Power
Defeat 1 Hero / Villain

Novice Ranks

Class Rank Requirements
C Rank4

10K Total Power
Defeat 5 Hero / Villain

B Rank5

100K Total Power
Defeat 10 Hero/Villain

A Rank6

1M Total Power

Defeat 20 Hero / Villain

Stay Alive for 1 Hour

Star Ranks

Class Rank Requirements
S Rank7

10M Total Power
Defeat 50 Hero / Villain
Stay Alive for 8 Hours

SS Rank8

100M Total Power
Defeat 100 Hero / Villain
Stay Alive for 16 Hours

SSS Rank9

1B Total Power
Defeat 200 Hero / Villain
Stay Alive for 1 Day / 24 Hours

Elite Ranks

Class Rank Requirements


10B Total Power
Defeat 500 Hero / Villain
Stay Alive for 2 days


100B Total Power

Defeat 1000 Hero/Villain

Stay Alive for ????


  • It Is best to start with defeating heroes/villains and collecting total power before working on staying alive. This is because if you start working on the others and you’ve already completed the staying alive bit, you could easily be killed, resetting your stay alive quest.
  • You can also change your rank by clicking the rank icon in the bottom left corner. You can only use the ranks you have.
  • Instead of being online and avoiding dying for hours or days to get ranks, just grind in the safe zone or a VIP server (either one with PVP off or one where there aren't any other players).
  • Ranks are less important than quests, as it is actually better because after finishing every quest or possibly almost every quest you can be more powerful and have more skills to help yourself rank-up. Ranking-up doesn't really give any tokens or any rewards besides making yourself look more powerful.
  • It is recommended to increase Jump Power and Speed, because you need to flee the opponents trying to kill you.
  • Using the ability to fly, you can get Alive Time in places not often seen, such as under the map.


  • Alive time is not lost/reset when you disconnect or change servers.
  • Don't be too certain a player with a weak rank. They can be powerful players trying to mislead you into hitting them as players can change their rank. If someone doesn't have an aura they are almost always stronger than they look.
  • If you’re struggling on Killing Intent, you can bump your rank down and get protectors and lawbreakers to try and kill you, instead of scavenging for kills.
  • If this fails, try asking other players for help, they will sometimes give it to you.
  • Rank XX will require Alive time.
  • To get to the next rank, it isn't really hard to get Villains / Heroes killed,but it will take a long time. Firstly, you need a friend / Alt to help you get kills. Your Alt MUST be weaker than your original account so that you can use your alt to try to kill your main account and gain kills. To let you gain kills faster, you just need an account that has either just started or just weaker. Then you get your Alt/friend to punch you (C). Then, to get a 1 shot, just make your Fist Strength higher than your alt’s Body Toughness. Then repeat the process of killing yourself with the alt repetitively.

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