The Red God Star, also known as the Red Giant, it's the last and the more powerful star in the sky. This is currently the highest area in the game.

It gives x800,000 the Fist Strength of a normal punch, and need to have a minimum of 10T FS. It isn't possible to grind it before this requirement, you will lose a lot of health by hitting it, without gaining anything.

It is the highest star in space. It is very easily visible, even during the day, because of its enormous size, it's so big that you can easily walk on it.

Unlike the others, it doesn't have rings, but it emits halos of lights, and has a much greater aura of light than the others. All its characteristics compare it to the sun.

To calculate how much Fist Strength you train in a set amount of time multiply your FS multiplier by 800K. Proceed to multiply your product with the amount of seconds you are going to train for. See Stat Calculator for additional help.


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