Sath, also known as Sathopian, is the in-game version of the owner of "The State Of Mind" group, who helps sponsor and promote NoMoneyPityBoy's games. He is located at spawn inside the safe-zone. He acts as the main-quest giver along with other NPCs such as the Grim Reaper. It is possible that more NPCs will come out on update 1.8.


Sath is shown to have a muscular build and wears a squirrel hat. He wears Superman style attire, like the red underwear, red cape, blue bodysuit and Roblox's R in a crest on his chest. He has the aura of Tier 4 FS (10M), and aura tier 4 BT (10M) (Blue flame for FS, Red with lightning for BT). During the Halloween Event, his squirrel hat is changed to a black pumpkin.


Sath gives the main quests and rewards you with skull tokens, along with new skills for completing his quests. He is currently the only permanent quest giver in the game.

Main Quest Requirements Reward

Train Fist Strength - Required: 20
Train Body Toughness - Required: 20

10 Tokens20 Tokens(VIP)
10 Tokens20 Tokens(VIP)


Train Movement Speed - Required: 20
Train Jump Force - Required: 20

10 Tokens20 Tokens(VIP)
10 Tokens20 Tokens(VIP)

3 Train Psychic Power - Required: 100 

50 Tokens100 Tokens(VIP)
Unlocks Invisibility Skill

4 Train Fist Strength - Required: 1,000

Reward: 100 Tokens200 Tokens(VIP)
Unlocks Energy Sphere Punch Skil

5 Train Body Toughness - Required: 1,000

100 Tokens200 Tokens(VIP)
Unlocks Damage Reflection


Train Movement Speed - Required: 1000
Train Psychic Power - Required: 1,000

100 Tokens200 Tokens(VIP)
100 Tokens200 Tokens(VIP)
Unlocks Weights as the quest is received
Unlock Water Run

7 Train Jump Force - Required: 1,000 100 Tokens200 Tokens(VIP)
8 Train Movement Speed - Required: 10K

250 Tokens500 Tokens(VIP)
Unlock Teleport Skill

9 Train Psychic Power - Required: 10K

Train Jump Force- Required: 10K

Reward: 250 Tokens500 Tokens(VIP)

Reward: 250 Tokens500 Tokens(VIP)
Unlock Fly Skill

10 Train Fist Strength - Required: 100K

500 Tokens1000 Tokens(VIP)
Unlock Bullet Punch

11 Train Psychic Power - Required : 100K

500 tokens1000 Tokens(VIP)
Unlock Soul Attack


Train Fist Strength - Required : 1M
Train Body Toughness - Required: 1M
Train Psychic Power - Required: 1M

1000 tokens2000 Tokens(VIP)
1000 tokens2000 Tokens(VIP)
1000 tokens2000 Tokens(VIP)
Unlock Conceal/Reveal Aura


Train Psychic Power - Required : 100M
Villains/Heroes killed - Required: 1000

2500 tokens5000 Tokens(VIP)
2500 tokens5000 Tokens(VIP)
Unlock Killing Intent


Quest Dialogue
Quest 1

Hello newcomer! Nice to meet you. My name is Sathopian. Just call me Sath, for short! I help train people to use superpowers. You'd like to learn to use super powers right? I can help you get started. You need to know that this will not be an easy journey! It will be long and tough, but it will certainly be worth it in the end. You will need to practice and train very hard to cross from the realm of humans, and step into the Realm of super powers. Once you've done this, all your hard work will pay off. Always remember that if you don't sacrifice for your dream, then your dream will become a sacrifice. Now let's start. There are a few things you need to know. First, you'll always need to be careful with who you mess with, Many of them are unimaginably strong and have a gang to back them up. Also they can declare war with you or your gang if you have one in the future. Remember that these strong people will have auras that are easy to notice. Though some legends say, that with enough power, your aura can be concealed... But that's only a legend. Just be careful with your actions. You can become a lawbreaker anytime just by killing someone. Also, you can become a hero too if you kill the bad one. You can tell their status by looking at their name color. I can tell just by looking at you, that you are very weak. If you want to be stronger, first train your fist and body. Until you've done that, you can't train anything else. Also I will give you tokens as a reward for every quest you finish. In case you don't know, tokens are very important to those training super powers. Just because you can use these tokens to upgrade your training speed to a new level. When you have enough tokens to upgrade your stats, you can spend them on new multipliers. For an example, you can upgrade your fist strength's experience gaining multiplier from "x1" --> "x2", "x2" --> "x4", "x4" --> "x8", "x8" --> "x16", "x16" --> "x32" and so on. Thus you could gain x32 fist strength in just one punch or even more than that! Now come back after you finish both quests and I'll tell you what to do next.

Quest 2

Good job. Now in order to become stronger... You'll have to train your movement speed and jump power too. What's the point of Deadly punch, if you can't get to your opponents. You can train these two skills by simply running and jumping anywhere. If you can run fast enough, you can even run on water! I'm just joking haha! Or am I? Who knows maybe it's possible... Now go train and come back when you're done.

Quest 3

Now we will talk about the most important thing, the mind. You probably didn't know psychic power are real, but they are. For example, with a strong enough mind, one can become invisible. You can create an illusion to attack other people's mind and soul. You could even crush your opponent just by looking at them from a far distance. Also, it can lift you up above the ground or even all you to fly to the sky. The most simple and efficient way to train it is by meditating. If you have a hard time believing what I've said... Then come back once you have at least 100 Psychic Power. And I'll tell you how to use your psychic power to become invisible. Invisibility is the easiest psychic move to learn. Right now you can't learn any psychic moves, as your mind is too weak.

Quest 4 Congratulation! Now you can become invisible anytime you want just by pressing "T".

But keep in mind that you can't hide from people with higher psychic power. Also you will lose your invisible state when you launch any of your attack moves. And you will not be completely invisible Now I want to teach you a move called "Energy Sphere Punch". Do you know that when you punch fast and strong enough... Even the air itself will erupt into flames, just like a small explosion. The same concept applied, but in order for you to execute this move. You must have at least 1,000 Fist Strength. Or it'll just be a normal punch. There is a big stone just over there, now you have enough power to use it. Just keep punching it and you will have 1,000 Fist Strength in no time. Come back and speak to me when you have enough fist strength.

Quest 5 Good. From now on you can press "R" to execute the Energy Sphere Punch. Also, the size and the color of the Energy Sphere will sometimes change. The more fist strength you have the stronger and larger it will become. Now the next move I will teach you is "Damage Reflection". When your Body Toughness is higher than your opponent's Fist strength. You will be able to reflect their damage back at them. But in most cases the damage you reflect will not be fatal to the attacker. Because if your Body toughness is just a little higher than their Fist Strength. You will only reflect 10% of the damage back and other 90% will still hurt you. To reflect 100% of the damage back to the attack and recieve 0 damage... You will need a Body Toughness 10 times higher than the opponent's Fist Strength. I know that 10 times is a lot but it's not easy reflect a person's damage. A very strong body is necessary to launch this move. At least 1,000 Body Toughness. Let me tell you a secret, do you know the City Port? You can find it just by crossing the bridge over there. In City Port, there are some hidden training technologies. Training in there is so much more effective than the push-up. But be careful, you could easily die in there. So don't push yourself too much.  You can come back to me when your body is strong enough. Now go! I need to get some rest and turn on my AutoTrainingBot Gamepass!     
Quest 6

Great! And don't worry, it's a passive skill! So you don't have to execute it everytime. This means that with the skill enabled, it will auto-reflect all damages for you. Let's continue our lessons. Do you remember the water walking joke I told you? Actually you can really walk on water but you just need to run very fast to do it. Also the speed alone isn’t enough. You will need a strong Psychic Power too. I have some training tips for you. I know that it’s hard to control when we run really fast. But you can make all your movement slower by putting more weight on your body. Just like in dragonball or naruto where they have that heavy metal on their bodies. You can equip it by pressing "4" and choose the wight you like to use. But don't put too much weight on your body because it will be too heavy to even move. And come see me when you have atleast 1,000 Movement Speed and 1,000 Psychic Power.

Quest 7

Hello, now I'm sure you can run on water! Also you can enable/disable walking on water in the option menu just like Damage Reflection. Now, you are very fast compared to when I met you for the first time. You still lack one of the most important components of super power movement. It is Jump Force. With high Jump Force, you can easily chase or escape your opponents. You will be an easy target if you run fast but jump low. Oh, I almost forgot! You can use the same technique as when you practiced water running. Without the help of the heavy weight on your body it'd take while for you to reach the ground.

Quest 8

Now it's a lot better than before right? I think you may start feeling like one of those characters in superhero movies haha. You can even jump a lot higher than that. You just need to practice more. Next, I will teach you how to move across space and distance instantly. The "Teleportation" technique. How far you can go is up to your Movement Speed. The faster you are, the further you can teleport. I once heard that there is a Supervillain who can teleport across planets. Later that person disappeared into the void. Some have said that he traveled to another galaxy. That's just a story though. Now you will need a minimum of 10,000 Movement Speed to teleport. Come back to me when you have 10,000 Movement Speed. Only then, will you be able to teleport.

Quest 9

Good! Now you can teleport by pressing "V" and point to where you wanna go. Alright, I think it's time for you to learn this move, actually it's not a move. It is the ability to Fly. Yes you heard it correctly. Everyone can fly. Though it's hard. That's why you probably had never seen that happened. You will need 10,000 Jump Force and 10,000 Psychic Power. Just come back again when you're ready. Good luck!

Quest 10

Now you can jump when you are falling down to start flying and jump again to stop flying. You can still use all of your moves while flying. If you meditate in the air while you are flying, you will gain a lot more Psychic Power too. Don't forget to try it. I think it's a very cool meditation technique! Next, I want to teach you my last Punching Move. It is called the "Bullet Punch". It is the hardest Punching Move. That's why I've never mentioned it to you yet. It is the most effective fist punching move both close and long range combat. You can punch you opponent from a far distance and you will instantly hit your opponent. To execute this move, you will need a very high Fist Strength. I think atleast 100,000 Fist Strength is needed. Also with this strength, the range will be very short and may not seem effective. As your Fist Strength increases, the range will also increase. There is a secret Fist Strengthening Crystal somewhere in the sky around a huge tornado, I think! So train hard and meet me again when you have enough Fist Strength. Peace!

Quest 11

Well done. Now you can press "F" to execute the Bullet Punch. Next, I'll teach you one of the deadliest psychic attacks! It's called the "Soul Attack". As the name says, it will attack the enemy's soul. Remember when I told you that some people can use psychic power to kill their enemies? This is the move they use. It will attack your enemy's soul directly and ignore all Damage Reflection. Your enemy will quickly suffer and die, but you'll have to be very careful. It shouldn't be used against opponents with stronger Psychic Power. If you do, you will suffer a huge backlash which can sometimes shatter your soul and kill you. You can only use it on people with 10 times lower Psychic Power than you. Otherwise, it will not have any effect and the opponents will also know your current position. This skill will become very helpful when you need to battle with... the opponents who mostly train their First Strength and neglect their Psychic Power. This is also one of the very few ways to stealth kill your opponents. I almost forgot to tell you the requirement for this skill. So you will need atleast 100,000 Psychic Power to launch it. You already know the drill. See you again soon.

Quest 12

Cheers! Now you can point to your opponent and press "B" to launch the Soul Attack. I'm about to run out of things to teach you. What I'll teach you next will have to be a secret. It is the ability to control you aura! this will make your aura completely disappear. In other words, it is the ability to Conceal/Reveal your aura as you wish. With this ability, combined with putting weights on your body and equipping the F-Class Rank Emblem. You will completely look like a newbie who just arrived in town. Hahaha. If you want to learn this move, come back to me when you have... 1 million Fist Strength, Body Toughness and Psychic Power. Also, you should join a gang if you haven't! Having friends to back you, is a great feeling.

Quest 13

Congratulation! Now you can press "X" to Conceal or Reveal your powerful aura. I have nothing left to teach you. Actually, the last thing I can help you with, my friend. Is this move... Remember that whatever path you choose to take, whether it be Superhero or Supervillain... With only the sacrifice of hearts and souls, can you reach this realm. It is the state where you killing aura or in other words, your "Killing Intent"... is so strong, that the people around you cannot move or sometimes even breathe. When you reach this realm, people who have Psychic Power 1,000 times below you... will almost die instantly when you release your Killing Intent Aura. And people with Psychic Power 100 times below you will not be able to move. Then slowly, they will lose life until they die until you decide to pull back you Killing Intent. For me, it is the coolest move but sadly it can only affect people... who have Psychic Power 100 times lower than yours. The more villains or heroes you have killed, the stronger your Killing Intent. So you will need to kill atlest 1,000 Villains or Heroes. Also you will need 100 million Psychic Power to use this move. Till then, I wish you the best!


OMG!! I never think you will get this far. It's like 100 millions Psychic Power!! Very well, from now on you can release/pullback your Killing Intent by pressing "Z". But it will only work on people who have Psychic Power 100 times lower than you. I have some messages from my master to you. He wants me to tell you this... "I hope you have enjoyed the game so far. Thank you very much for playing..." "Without you guys, I would be nothing, You have given me a reason to continue working on my games..." " Because you guys, the players, I have food, money to rent a room, to pay bills and to live life..." "Here is a little gift for you. I hope you have a great day! Good luck!"


  • Sath uses the knightly animation package.
  • Considering his apparel, he is most likely based off of Superman.
  • Teleporting into Sath causes you to lose half of your health.
  • After you earn Killing Intent you'll be unable to talk to Sath ever again on that account.
  • Sath is based of the developer Sathopian.
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