The Tornado is a training place for Body Toughness. It requires 1M Body Toughness to survive the storm and train. To AFK-grind in the tornado, you'll need 4M Body Toughness. To start training in it (under the requirement), you'll need 50K Body toughness. The tornado gives 50x Body Toughness.

It's located north of the spawn, at the front of the leaderboards. Above the tornado lies the cloud and crystal, a Fist Strength Training Area.

To calculate how much Body Toughness you train per minute/hour multiply your BT multiplier by 50 then divide by 1.25 (This is the interval in which you get BT) Proceed to multiply your product with the amount of seconds you are going to train for.


  • Sometimes the tornado may fall over and be distorted. This is a bug and will be fixed later on.
  • RobloxScreenShot20190203 154145506

    Distorted Tornado Bug.

  • If your flight speed is high enough, you can go inside the tornado, because the model is hollow inside.
  • you’ll need 1/20th of the Requirement to survive atleast one hit in the tornado.


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