Ok, so I’ve been seeing a lot of comments regarding of people asking for tokens. For example,


Token begging


Token begging


Token begging

I deleted these comments due to how much people hated them asking for tokens, basically telling them to waste robux just to give them what they want.


Protesting against a token beggar


Protesting against a token-beggar

What do I think of Token begging/asking? In my own opinion, my statement is simple: it’s what ruins experience. If you haven’t bought anything to boost yourself, big or small, then you are one hell of a player. But giving yourself bonuses from game passes or from buying robux is what ruins the fun and grinding experience for the game. Why? Let’s say you’re playing another game that requires grinding. Tired of grinding a lot? That’s why people buy game passes to boost themselves, but find it boring once they complete the game too fast. Another player enters the game. No game passes, they actually have a fun time grinding for hours, days, even weeks. There are some exceptions to this, however. Like in SPTS, professionals are mostly super villains (for new ranks as in example) and end up killing most of the server for “fun.” This makes the other players getting PK’ed grind a lot more, unable to get tokens to upgrade yourself.

So my decision is simple: spendthrifting on grind games ruins the fun. If you want to make games like SPTS fun, restrain from buying game passes to have the full experience of grinding.

What do you think of this? If you feel like giving an opinion, leave it in the comments.

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