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    Some Tips and Tricks.

    January 18, 2019 by SPTSisawesome

    1. If you go to spawn, you should see two pumpkin stacks next to Sath. Those can be used to get jump force faster. You can also equip weights. To do this, go under the pumpkin stacks and hold space. It should show on your screen you get double jump force, but you don’t actually get double jump force. It only reduces the time to get jump force.

    2. You can go into the volcano, how? There is a small gap in the volcano in which you can go into and train.

    3. When you are starting the game, upgrade your multipliers for psychic more than fist strength and body toughness. As it’s harder to gain psychic while fist and body have different areas at the start.

    Those are some tips and tricks, I didn’t not get finished as I was running out of time.

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