1. Patience. You need to be able to resist playing other, more interesting Roblox games instead of grinding. A good workaround is placing something on the spacebar to farm jump force, or farming psychic power while playing other non-Roblox games.

2. Time. You need it to grind fist strength and movement speed. You can also moniter your avatar while you grind the other 3 stats.

3. Some basic knowledge.

  • The city port (needs 100 and 10k), the ice cave (needs 100k), the tornado (needs 1M), and the volcano (needs 10M) are Body Toughness training spots. 5x the required to survive is needed if you want to AFK farm there. The multiplication factors are 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x, and 100x respectively.
  • The rock next to spawn (10x) and the crystal (100x) on the cloud above the tornado are Fist Training spots.
  • Due to quests, I recommend putting a lot of tokens into psychic power.
  • Avoid becoming a Hero or Villain, so you won't be targetted as much as an innocent.
  • Hot spots that probably have strong villains: City Port, Tornado, Crystal.
  • Memorize how weak people and strong people act so you don't die because you pissed off the wrong guy.

4. Friends (optional). Grinding and talking with friends makes the grind less... grindy. Also you can talk or play a steam game while you AFK farm, making this chore super easy in comparison.

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